Welcome New Officers

New Officers 2018

Responding to trends and opportunities and to member feedback, the slate of Executive Officers has been expanded to include a Vice President and an Outreach and Advocacy Officer. This is based on revisions to our Chapter bylaws adopted October 20, 2017. These two leaders will help the Chapter to embrace the future, implement strategic improvements, broadcast a strong message in support of good planning, and help deliver improved benefits for members. These roles will be filled initially by two smart professionals from Baton Rouge and from St John the Baptist Parish: Whitney Hoffman-Sayal, AICP, who previously has served as Chapter Secretary, and Evelyn Cade-Campo, CFM. Thank you ladies for stepping up to serve our profession!

Whitney Hoffman Sayal, AICPWHITNEY HOFFMAN SAYAL, AICP will serve as the new Chapter Vice President.
She is the Development Project Director for the Downtown Development District in Baton Rouge, forming and maintaining partnerships with the public and private sector, developing strategies, formulating policies and procedures to implement projects, developing grant application and reporting materials, and furthering the vision outlined for downtown in various Downtown Master Plan documents. Ms. Hoffman Sayal has a bachelor’s degree in architecture from Louisiana Tech University and a landscape architecture master’s degree from LSU. She previously served as Secretary on the Executive Committee.


Evelyn Cade Campo, CFMEVELYN CADE CAMPO, CFM will be the Chapter’s Outreach and Advocacy Officer.
She is a land use planner and Certified Floodplain Manager with specialized knowledge of flood hazard risk reduction. She worked for Jefferson Parish and is now with St John the Baptist Parish. Her Master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning is from UNO, with a concentration in Environmental and Hazard Mitigation Planning. Ms. Campo’s role will be to help share the message of sound planning outside the Chapter’s membership. She will work to communicate and coordinate with the Chapter’s allies, elected officials and the public. This will compliment the efforts of the Chapter's Information Officer, allowing him to focus on member services, awards, website migration and communications generally.     


Jessica Williams (student representative)JESSICA WILLIAMS is our new Student Representative to the APA-LA Executive Committee. She is a 1st year MURP student at UNO, having work experience in the community development nonprofit sector. Jessica's interests include urban design, land use planning, and housing and economic development.