Report from San Diego - Chapter Presidents Council Meeting

The night skyline of San Diego, CA

During February, former Louisiana Chapter President Stephen Villavaso, FAICP, J.D. attended the Executive Committee winter meeting of the Chapter Presidents Council held in San Diego. "It was amazing." says Villavaso - who also encourages us to truly read our issues of Planning Magazine. Key highlights from the San Diego meeting include:

  1. New guidelines and models for the APA Great Places Awards Program
  2. Watch for updates on the APA Code of Ethics and the AICP Code of Ethics: watch both!
  3. CM credits for Planning Pro Bono work: the AICP Board will discuss and possibly vote on this in Phoenix
  4. New partnership models for Chapter/University relations:  assigning a chapter liaison to EVERY university in the state, whether there is a formal planning program or not.
  5. Chapter Tax issues:  a new initiative to encourage Chapters to form individual 501 ( c ) 3 organizations and a new reminder to EVERY chapter to file their tax forms ON TIME!!!!  Watch out for individual chapter penalties from IRS!
  6. New structures and systems for planning and managing the National Conference: the full roll-out for the new system will be in 2018 at the National Conference in New Orleans!
  7. Finally and most important…..our Chapter has until the spring of 2017 to move to a “% of income-based dues structure”.  The is new dues system that was adopted by the chapters in 2014 with a three year roll out.  The deadline is spring of 2017!  The Louisiana Chapter will need to amend our bylaws, inform the membership and conduct a major information/ membership drive to make sure this has a positive impact on our Chapter!

Thank you Stephen for keeping us informed!