State Planning and Development Districts established

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Powers and Duties of the Regional Planning Commission are contained in the Louisiana Revised Statue 33: 135.

The Louisiana Association of Planning and Development Districts is comprised of eight State Planning Districts working together as partners to advance the development of Louisiana. LAPDD has specific interests in recovery and resiliency, job creation and retention, and capacity. The areas are:

  1. Regional Planning Commission (Metro New Orleans)
  2. Capital Region Planning Commission
  3. South Central Planning & Development District (encompasses the Houma-Thibodaux MPO)
  4. Acadiana Planning Commission
  5. Imperial Calcasieu Regional Planning & Development District
  6. Kisatchie-Delta Regional Planning & Development District (not the MPO; see Rapides Area MPO)
  7. “Coordinating & Development District” (not the MPO, see NLCOG)
  8. North Delta Regional Planning & Development District (not the MPO; see Ouachita COG.)


June, 1977
map of Louisiana Planning and Development Districts