Achievement Award for Leadership

For a professional planner who earns or has earned their living in planning, who contributes significantly to the advancement of planning practice or academic education over a sustained period through exemplary leadership and substantial accomplishments, as a credit to the American Planning Association


Individuals may not self-nominate and must earn or have earned their living in planning as professional planners or over a sustained period of time as a planning educator in a PAB accredited program. Open only to APA members in good standing.


Support of planning and planners

Illustrate how the nominee’s work has increased the understanding of the planning profession and planning process. Indicate how the nominee has shown support for and a thorough knowledge and clear understanding of the role of planners in public life.


Describe how the nominee has developed or fostered strategic partnerships or alliances to help meet planning goals and objectives, change the working dynamic, and expand the support for planning.

Effectiveness, Results, and Influence

Describe the extent that the nominee has been effective in formulating and implementing plans, programs, projects, technologies, and ideas in support of good planning. Identify the level of influence and effectiveness achieved by the nominee within different segments of the community. Demonstrate the nominee’s positive influence on the direction and professional advancement of planning.

Ethical Practice

Show how your nominee consistently upholds and champions the highest standards of professional ethics in terms of the public trust and guides and educates staff, students, stakeholders, or colleagues on the importance of high ethical practice.