Francis P. Keevers Award

Achievement Award for Enriching a Community's Quality of Life

in Honor of Francis P. Keevers

Francis P. Keevers, FAICP

For an individual, elected or appointed official, group, or organization that promotes planning through sustained commitment to a project, program or plan; addresses community concerns through special actions or significant contributions to planning initiatives; or demonstrates exceptional collaboration with diverse interests to improve a community’s quality of life. Honors the late Francis "Frank" Keevers for his contributions to improving the quality of life of a community through civic and business endeavors. Frank served as the President of our organization at the time of its split from Texas to form APA Louisiana Chapter.


Individuals to be honored may not self-nominate and must not earn or have earned their living in planning as a professional planner. Open only to non-APA members.


Support of planning

Illustrate how the nominee’s work has increased the understanding of the planning process. Indicate how the nominee has shown a clear understanding of, and support for, the role of planning in improving a community’s quality of life.


Describe how the nominee has developed or fostered strategic partnerships or alliances to help meet planning goals and objectives.

Effectiveness, Results, and Influence

Describe the extent that the nominee has been effective in formulating and implementing plans, programs, projects, technologies, and ideas in support of improved quality of life. Identify the level of influence and effectiveness achieved by the nominee within different segments of the community. Demonstrate your nominee’s positive influence on the advancement of planning.

Social and Economic Concerns

Explain how the nominee’s efforts have addressed not only a community’s physical realm, but also its social and economic or civic and business concerns and issues. Describe how the nominee’s efforts have improved a community’s overall quality of life.