LSU Health Baton Rouge

After due consideration of the Request for Proposals describing the second round of grant funding for the APA Plan4Health Initiative, a letter of intent was submitted on behalf of the APA LA requesting grant funding in the amount of $150,000 for capacity building with allied health organizations in the state under the category inactivity. For details on the RFP, please go to .

A kick-off meeting was conducted on July 6, 2015 at the offices of the Regional Planning Commission (RPC) in New Orleans with the APA LA, Louisiana Public Health Institute and RPC in attendance to discuss preparation of the grant application which is due by July 31, 2015. The grant program requires planners to collaborate with allied health organizations to reduce chronic disease.

You may recall we attempted to participate in the first round of this grant program last fall, which didn’t work out. This letter of intent is a place holder while the grant application is formulated. Hopefully, we will be successful this round.

Thanks and stay tuned.

 Lydia Jemison