Legislative Advocacy

AdvocacyThe mission of the American Planning Association Louisiana Chapter (APA-LA) is to promote the practice of community and regional planning in Louisiana through community and member services.  APA-LA members are planners for cities, parishes, private entities and other agencies that support the public welfare through the technical practice of forecasting future conditions and engaging the public to identify the most effective actions to ensure sustained economic and social vitality of communities.  

The Legislative Committee (LC) supports the APA-LA mission by educating its members and elected officials about legislative matters that impact the planning profession and the overall vitality of our communities.  In general, the LC will align legislative advocacy messages and activities with policy principles and statements set by APA.  In addition, the LC will review legislative matters, engage and inform committee members, and advocate for planning principles to the state legislature. 

Current Activity

HB 697 - PLANNING/ZONING-LOCAL:  Provides relative to the Shreveport Metropolitan Planning Commission - oppose - letter to Governor John Bel Edwards

HB 798 - Enables public meetings online in LA during states of emergencies.  - support - For a pre-filled support statement to your representative Click Here.

SB 359 - Provides for the enforcement of coastal use permits.

HB4 - Historic Structures Tax Credit - support - Renews (extends) the tax credit presently set to sunset January 1, 2022.




Committee Members

  • Chair – Whitney Hoffman Sayal, AICP
  • Co-Chair – Adam Bailey, RLA
  • Rene Pastorek
  • Sean Daly, AICP
  • Carrie Broussard
  • Maggie Gleason
  • Mike Hollier, AICP
  • Antonio Carriere
  • Alan Clarke 
  • Joanne Poret, AICP
  • Ed Elam, AICP
  • Tim Jackson, FAICP


Whitney Hoffman Sayal, AICP
Legislative Chair and APA-LA Vice President
APA-LA Legislative Advocacy event at the Louisiana State Capitol