Planners4Health is a part of Plan4Health, an initiative of the American Planning Association (APA) that supports the integration of planning and public health. Planners4Health is designed to go beyond place-based projects—working in a specific neighborhood, city, or parish— and to bring a focus to health at APA through the various state chapters across the country.

Why Louisiana?

The American Planning Association Louisiana Chapter (APA LA) considers Planners4Health an exciting opportunity to support Louisiana communities in achieving positive health outcomes through planning, policy and design. APA LA hopes to utilize Planners4Health to identify new opportunities to forge effective collaborations between urban planners, public health professionals, and community members.

Planners4Health provides an opportunity for APA LA to:

  1. Inform and educate on how planning and development can affect health outcomes within the community;
  2. Foster conversation and collaboration amongst community leaders, community stakeholders and planning and health professionals; and,
  3. Advocate for informed and equitable community decisions to ensure positive health and planning outcomes.

What will happen during Planners4Health?

The Louisiana Planners4Health Project has three primary objectives:

  1. Conduct assessment of health and planning (April-June 2017)
  2. Host a roundtable with key stakeholders (June 2017)
  3. Develop final summary of project findings (July – August 2017)

APA LA, with the support of the APA LA Planners4Health Task Force, composed of Louisiana planners and public health professionals, will assess, convene, and action plan on how to integrate health and planning in Louisiana. APA LA also hopes to use Planners4Health to learn about existing resources, initiatives, and projects focused on health and planning in Louisiana.

How can I be involved?

APA LA encourages all Louisiana planners, public health professionals, and community members interested in planning and health to participate in Planners4Health by:

  • Completing the Louisiana Planners4Health Assessment Survey
  • Helping us identify ongoing health and planning efforts underway in the state
  • Sharing ideas and thoughts on how to connect planners and public health professionals - TAKE THE SURVEY!
  • Attending the APA LA Planners4Health roundtable which will be held in June 2017

Additional information on Planners4Health Louisiana project can be found at the website:

How do I get more information?

Fred Neal, Jr., AICP

Please sign up for the email list on the website and/or directly contact the Project Manager:

Fred Neal Jr., AICP