AICP Candidate Pilot Program Proposed

pilot program for AICP Certification

The APA Louisiana and the AICP Commission requests your help in providing and soliciting feedback on a proposed AICP Candidate Pilot Program that will foster students’ and other emerging professionals’ career development and clarify the path to certification. Your assistance is requested!

The proposed AICP Candidate Pilot Program is designed to bridge the time between planning education and AICP certification.  Features of the proposed AICP Candidate Pilot Program include:

  • AICP Candidates will be eligible to apply for the AICP Comprehensive Planning Exam one year earlier than non-AICP Candidates.
  • AICP Candidates participate in a modified Certification Maintenance program during their candidacy.
  • AICP Candidates will commit to the AICP Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.
  • AICP Candidates will be authorized to use “AICP Candidate” on correspondence, resumes, and other references.
  • AICP Candidates may be matched with a mentor to provide support in applying for and preparing to take the exam.
  • The AICP exam application fee will be discounted ($15 instead of $70).
  • AICP Candidates will receive an AICP exam application toolkit.

Input is needed to create an AICP Candidate Pilot Program through a brief online survey.  Learn more about the proposed AICP Candidate Pilot Program and take the survey. Please direct any questions to APA at

Feedback Survey