Conference 2015 Sessions

Panelists lead a discussion at the 2015 Annual Planning Conference

Session presentations have been converted to PDF format and posted in the Chapter's Google Drive repository organized by session number. You are especially encouraged to review the sessions you missed as all were very informative. Video and audio from several sessions is still being processed and will be posted as soon as possible. Click the "Read More" button below to access session content. All of these are Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files which will be displayed by Google's document viewer - no download, software install or Google login is necessary.


2015 State Planning Conference Program

cover of conference program document

HTML Program (little files)       Program PDF (one big file)


Where Are We?

Distribution map of APA Chapter membership across Louisiana

I've just received the monthly Chapter membership list from the American Planning Association (December 2014) and I thought it would be interesting to geocode the list. This static map zoomed in to Louisiana shows the result - without revealing any personal data. A complete membership map expands to most of the United States as shown below. Yellow dots are in-state members, while blue dots are those out of state. A few of these folks are APA staff in Chicago or D.C. and are not really Louisiana Chapter members.


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