Application - Planning Achievement


table of awards 2016The following eligibility requirements apply to all of the award categories except the Student Project Award, which is subject to separate requirements listed under the student project award section.

  • With the exception of the Plan Implementation award category, any plan, project, program, tool, technology, process, report, or ordinance must have been published, implemented, or completed within three years of the date of submission.
  • Any plan, project, program, tool, technology, process, report, or ordinance may only be entered in one award category per award year. No changes will be allowed by the nominator after the submission deadline. By unanimous vote, jurors may choose to move a nomination from the submitted category to a different category.
  • Recipients of either Planning Achievement Awards are ineligible to receive the same award for 10 years after accepting it.
  • Individuals may not self-nominate and only APA members may nominate individuals for the Achievement Award for Planning Leadership.
  • Nominators may not be related by blood or marriage to any individual they want to nominate for awards for Planning Education or Advocacy, Leadership, or in Honor of Francis P. Keevers.
  • Members of the Louisiana Chapter Awards Jury or officers of the APA Louisiana Chapter are not eligible to enter or receive individual awards during their terms.

General Requirements

  • All of the nominations must be submitted through the appropriate form. Once the application has been filled out, you will receive instructions for electronically submitting nomination materials, along with directions to pay the entry fee (if required.)
  • Communication with the P.I.O. or Jury Coordinator accepting the nomination materials is limited to technical issues of the submission process.
  • Any communication with jurors on behalf of an entry is prohibited and is reason for disqualification.
  • Entries received after the specified deadline date or lacking all required materials will not be considered.
  • Materials associated with an award nomination will not be returned. Photo collages and PowerPoint presentations are not accepted as the submission, although persons associated with winning entries may be asked to submit additional information and materials including PowerPoint slides for the awards presentation ceremony.

Submission Requirements

NOTE: Digital submittal of the items described below is encouraged. PDF or DOCX files are acceptable. Applicants will be provided access to a Google Drive folder by the Chapter Public Information Officer / Awards Chair into which they will upload their items. (Clarifications added 12-9-15)
  • One-page summary of the entry; i.e., the plan, program, project, tool, technology, process, or in the case of an individual, a one page resume;
  • One-page explanation of how the submission meets each of the stated criteria for each award;
  • Three letters of support in accordance with these guidelines
    • Letters should be addressed to the Awards Jury;
    • Letters should offer support for the value of the nominated effort in terms of the criteria;
    • Letters may not be written by the nominator of the submission, by the nominated individual, or by anyone who directly worked on the project; instead written by a party outside the entrant team;
    • For the student project award, at least one letter of support must come from a faculty member and another letter must come from an LA-APA member;
    • If for a Project or Process, one letter must be from the Client or “project owner” and it must grant permission to the designated applicant to nominate the named project or process for an APA Louisiana award;
    • Comments from APA Louisiana Chapter Sections, Divisions, members, and other stakeholders involved with the subject of the nomination are encouraged.
  • If the nomination is a plan, include a copy of the plan. (one hard copy will be required in addition to digital)
  • Supporting materials including digital images, in accordance with these guidelines:
    • Images must not be copyrighted and must be reproducible without fee, charge, or copyright infringement;
    • Images should provide context, show the award nomination’s positive or intended outcomes, and supplement what exists in the written summary and criteria sections;
    • Images must be suitable for PowerPoint display;
    • Each image must be accompanied by a photo caption describing what is portrayed;
    • Please limit to ten (10) the digital images for each award nomination, although one recent photo of an individual nominated for an award must be included;
    • Supplemental materials to add support to the nomination may include media clips, brochures, posters, fact sheets, etc.;
    • Supplemental materials may be uploaded as digital files or linked by URL.
    • Any items not digitally submitted may be mailed to:
James Taylor, AICP
APA Louisiana Public Information Officer
2148 Government Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70806


Submittal Fees

The submission fee is $50. Please enclose payment with your nomination application. No application fee is required for the Achievement Award for Enriching a Community’s Quality of Life in Honor of Francis P. Keevers, for the Student Project Award, or for Great Places in Louisiana nominations.