Student Project Award

For an outstanding class project or paper by a student or group of students in a planning or related program that embodies good planning practice or applied research and contributes to advances in planning.

The APA-Louisiana Student Project Award recognizes outstanding class projects or papers by a student or group of students and intends to recognize exceptional work that advances the field of urban planning, work primarily by the student(s) with minimal, appropriate guidance by faculty. It is subject to the following eligibility and criteria:

2023 Nomination Form


A paper or project completed within the previous three years from a student or group of students in a Louisiana university urban planning program, or a related program such as architecture, landscape architecture, geography, environmental sciences, or public policy, may receive this award one time in one of three categories: 1) contribution of urban planning to contemporary issues, or how the related field supported planning’s contribution to contemporary issues; 2) application of the planning process; and 3) applied research that supports urban planning. A program may submit only one nomination. A nomination from a program related to urban planning must clearly demonstrate its application to and support for urban planning. If a student holds an elected or appointed office in national or Louisiana Chapter APA, her or his work or the work of the group in which s(he) participated is not eligible during the student’s term of service. A nomination for this award may be submitted by either: 1) the head of the Louisiana university division that contains the urban planning or related program; or (2) the duly elected or appointed Planning Student Organization (PSO) Student Representative of the Louisiana university planning program.


Originality and innovation

Originality of concept or appreciable refinement of existing techniques or procedures


Potential application to other locations, projects, or areas of planning interest


Excellence of thought, analysis, writing, graphics, and character of presentation


Proposals of the paper or project have been carried out, show promise of being carried out, or demonstrate an effective implementation technique Comprehensiveness. The paper or project observes planning principles, especially in considering effects on public objectives.